a14_-_View_IslandRiverworks Ltd has been undertaking an interesting conservation project on View Island in Reading.  View Island is a natural open space with grassy paths and seating near to the weir at Caversham Lock.  The work has been carried out in consultation with Reading Borough Council, the Environment Agency and has been designed and constructed by Riverworks Ltd.  Funding for this project has been provided by Reading Borough Council, Heron Island Residents Association and Riverworks Ltd.

 To enhance this area of natural beauty trees have been pollarded to extend their life and new pathways established.  Riverworks have created two new reed beds using hazel faggots and pre established coir rolls planted with native wetland plants.  The stream that runs through the island had become seriously silted up and has now been cleared. These areas will increase the attraction of aquatic plants, amphibians and invertebrates to View Island. 

 A new footbridge, constructed from Oak sourced from sustainable forests, was constructed by Riverworks on the upstream end of the island to allow people to enjoy a circular walk or cycle around the island with an exit through the pedestrian entrance by the footbridge from the Thames Path in Hills Meadow.